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Blackfen School for Girls

Blackfen School for Girls

Raising aspirations - releasing potential

Blackfen School Vision

Blackfen is an outstanding school where:

  • everyone has talent. At Blackfen we find and nurture those talents, always looking for each student to improve, encouraging students to be positive about the future;
  • our students want to learn, are enthusiastic about their education and are successful in achieving qualifications and progressing in their lives;
  • we have a sense of pride in what we do, respecting ourselves and each other and our achievements together, building maturity and responsibility;
  • everything is possible. Students, their parents and our team do their best in everything,  with a single goal: to be outstanding;
  • we encourage and allow creativity, risk-taking and mistakes;
  • our students and staff can see things differently and try new things, discover their talents, broaden their horizons, and create new interest and ambitions;
  • our students develop ways of behaving that will serve throughout their lives: they become ambitious, forward looking, and resolute;
  • we are part of a wider network of local, national and international partners, exchanging ideas, opportunities and new experiences.

At Blackfen our students:

  • receive high quality education that suits their ways of learning and understanding;
  • access exciting, challenging and useful learning, skills, life experiences and qualifications;
  • are prepared for the world of work and to positively contribute to their communities;
  • use new technologies to allow them to learn wherever and whenever;
  • talk to our staff about how and what they learn;
  • learn in a high quality learning environment;
  • share facilities with the local community;
  • are partners with our staff team.

At Blackfen our staff:

  • are role models, learning leaders and mentors;
  • are multi-skilled, reflective and evaluative;
  • continuously and actively learn and keep up to date;
  • embrace change and aspire to be outstanding.

Each year we will make sure that our plans take forward each of these ambitions.